If there are any questions not answered here, then please contact us directly.

Getting Started

How do I set up an account with the Lottoland Affiliate program? Firstly, click on the Sign Up button in the top right of the page. A pop up will appear with 2 options – Revenue Share and CPA. Select the commission plan you would like and then select the platform available. You will be redirected to the form where you can directly create an account and login to the platform.

How often would I receive campaigns? Once you have created an account, you can log in and view your links and creatives available in the platform. If you would like to deliver new campaign ads then you can get in touch and we can discuss the availability for new promotions.

Where can I get updates on news and promotions? Staying informed with our latest promotions and updates should not be complicated. You can view our Affiliate home page for the latest promotions, and our News page will provide all the current topics at Lottoland. You can also check your email for any offers or bonuses we may send.

Lottoland Reward Plans

What commission plans do Lottoland provide? We offer Revenue Share, CPA and Hybrid options. You can sign up directly from this website – simply head over to the Commissions page and create your account.

What are the advantages of a Lottoland Revenue Share plan? Our outstanding program has much more to offer than most others. We offer a lifetime program which delivers secure revenue generation over the entire lifetime of your customers. Apart from that, no negative carry-over is applied and winning players do not make you lose-out on your hard-earned commissions.

How much money can I earn as a Lottoland Affiliate? The amount of commission you can earn is entirely up to you, there is no limit; the more traffic you generate the more profit you can earn.

Do you offer hybrid reward plans? Yes, we can certainly provide a reward plan offering both Revenue Share and CPA. If this is of interest to you, please get in touch.

Our Products

What products do we offer? We are constantly working on providing the best online lotto service there is. As well as offering lotteries from around the globe, we are setting new standards in online lotto syndicates, constantly publish new games and scratchcards, and put great effort into our casino offers including a strong VIP program

As an affiliate, what products can I publish? We have a wide range of Lottobets and scratch cards available for our publishers. With the popular bets; including EuroMillions, US Power and the Eurojackpot, our affiliates will be able take advantage of these products and the bonuses included. As the products differ between each market, we would recommend you contact our team for further information.

Account Options

Do I need more than one account for separate websites? Not necessarily, as when you have a registered account you can add several websites to the same account. However, if you have several websites that are targeting different countries, then please see the Commissions page for the most suited platform for that particular region.

What Marketing materials do we supply? We provide you with the top-of-the-line marketing assets to boost your campaigns and generate sales. On a constant basis, we publish the right offer at the right time enabling you to always have the right offer at hand. We have a complete set of HTML5 Banners and Text Links for every offer. We provide email templates on request too. Furthermore, we offer creative support in the execution of individual campaigns and provide you with whatever it takes to make the best out of every campaign.

What are exclusive links and can I get them? We can provide exclusive links, if negotiated, which means you will receive a unique tracking media code that is best suited for your campaign. However, we have a range of Text Links available in the platforms.


When can affiliates expect to be paid? We pay our publishers by the 15th of the following month in the Revenue Share commission plan. CPA commissions are validated and subject to payment as stated in the regulations that can be found on our program site.

What payment methods do we offer? We offer Neteller, Skrill and Wire Transfer giving you the option to choose.

How do I change my account and bank details? Once logged into the platform, you can change your details in your account section. If you have any issues then please contact us to resolve.
Having your correct details is important for us and for you – especially when you want to see the commissions rolling in. Therefore, please always keep them up to date in your account.


What are the rules in a nutshell? Every game has its rules which have to be followed. Please carefully read the T&Cs and consider the special regulations for the markets targeted. Especially campaigns via social media, incentivized traffic, cashback deals, standalone newsletters and offline campaigns. Markets like the UK and Australia have strict guidelines around the correct phrasing or display of creatives or even the targeting of individual states only.

Can I become an affiliate without a website? Potentially yes, but please get in touch first, so we can approve your methods and marketing materials beforehand.

What markets can I be active on and what are the geo-limitations? Some countries have strict legal restrictions such as Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands and therefore any traffic from these geos will not be rewarded any commissions. If you have any questions about a particular market, please do not hesitate to get in touch.